• Language of Instruction


  • Required Level


  • Duration

    9+ Hours

  • Recommended Study Plan

    5 to 6 days

What is included in this course?

  • Videos

    Educational videos with a comprehensive set of relevant information and explanations

  • Organised Content

    Well-structured and organised content in a way that makes it easier for you to comprehend everything and track your progress

  • Cambridge Passages

    Reading, explaining, and answering official IELTS passages issued by the University of Cambridge

  • Practical Examples

    A wide range of exercises and practical examples with full explanations and analysis

This course will teach you how to:

  • approach any question type by following certain steps and strategies

  • distinguish between the different passages of the reading exam

  • manage your time wisely and effectively through the exam

  • understand the marking scheme based on which your reading score is given

  • count the words of your answers in order not to exceed word limit

  • use the directions in the questions to write your answers correctly

  • familiarise yourself with the way questions are paraphrased in the passages

  • identify the keywords in the questions and use them to locate your answers

  • skim and scan for certain keywords in the passages in a timely manner

  • avoid common mistakes when transferring your answers to the answer sheet

Course Curriculum

  • 1

    General Information

  • 2

    Important Terms

    • 1. Passage vs Paragraph

    • 2. Question vs Question Set

    • 3. Synonym

    • 4. Paraphrasing

    • 5. Keywords

  • 3


    • Fact 1

    • Fact 2

    • Fact 3

    • Fact 4

    • Fact 5

    • Fact 6

    • Fact 7

    • Fact 8

    • Fact 9

    • Fact 10

  • 4


    • Skill 1

    • Skill 2

    • Skill 3

    • Skill 4

    • Skill 5

  • 5


    • Tip 1

    • Tip 2

    • Tip 3

    • Tip 4

  • 6

    Common Mistakes

    • Common Mistake 1

    • Common Mistake 2

    • Common Mistake 3

    • Common Mistake 4

  • 7

    Time Management

    • Academic Version

    • General Training Version

  • 8

    Academic vs General

    • 1. Question Sets

    • 2. Topics

    • 3. Difficulty

    • 4. Studying Strategy

  • 9

    Reading Exam Samples

    • General Training Test

    • Academic Test

    • Computer-delivered Test

  • 10

    Order of Answers

    • Order of Answers

  • 11

    Question Types

    • Question Types

  • 12

    1. True or False

    • Basics and Common Mistakes

    • Differences

    • 1. True

    • 2. Not Given

    • 3. False

    • Exercise - Questions

    • Exercise - Answering

  • 13

    2. Completion

  • 14

    3. Multiple Choice

    • Basics

    • Common Mistakes

    • Swiss Postbus - Documentary

    • Test - Questions

    • Test - Answering

  • 15

    4. Information to Paragraphs

    • Basics

    • Common Mistakes

    • Information Theory - Documentary

    • Test - Questions

    • Test - Answering

  • 16

    5. Headings

    • Basics

    • Common Myth

    • How to Select Headings

    • Common Mistakes

    • Flying Tortoises - Documentary

    • Test - Questions

    • Test - Answering

  • 17

    6. Matching Information

    • Basics

    • Common Mistakes

    • Venus in Transit - Documentary

    • Test - Questions

    • Test - Answering

  • 18

    7. Short Answers

    • Basics

    • Common Mistakes - Part 1

    • Common Mistakes - Part 2

    • Test - Questions

    • Test - Answering

  • 19

    8. Labelling

    • Basics

    • Common Mistakes

    • Ant Specimens - Documentary

    • Test - Questions

    • Test - Answering

  • 20

    9. Selecting Facts

    • Basics

    • Common Mistakes - Part 1

    • Common Mistakes - Part 2

    • Tidal Power - Documentary

    • Test - Questions

    • Test - Answering

  • 21

    10. Endings

    • Basics

    • Common Mistakes

    • Telepathy - Documentary

    • Test - Questions

    • Test - Answering

  • 22


    • Congrats!

  • 23

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Requirements to take this course

This course is for anyone:

  • who has an intermediate level of English or above

  • who is willing to put in the work and effort to achieve their goals

  • who aims to achieve a high score in IELTS reading

  • who plans on taking the academic or the general training version of the IELTS

You will also get access to

  • Downloadable PDFs

    You will be able to download all the passages and cheat sheets provided in this course, so you can access them at your own convenience.

  • Private Facebook Group

    You will get access to our private Facebook group, where you can meet like-minded individuals who are preparing for the IELTS exam like you, and exchange information with them!

  • Weekly Live Office Hours

    You will gain access to weekly live office hours on Zoom with your instructor to answer your questions, assist you, and point you in the right direction in case you are in need of help.


  • Is this course suitable for the academic or the general training version of the IELTS?

    This course is for both versions. But, keep in mind that the reading part of the academic IELTS is different from the general training IELTS. However, these differences are not major. It is also worth mentioning that the academic reading is considered to be more challenging than the general reading, so it is highly recommended to practice doing the academic passages even if you are planning on doing the general training stream of the IELTS.

  • How long will I have access to the course?

    The course is yours for six months. Once you join the course, your access will be activated for three months. If it expires before you have passed your exam, contact us on WhatsApp and we will be glad to extend it for three extra months free of charge.

  • I need to improve my reading score from band 5 to band 7. Is this course suitable for me?

    Yes. This is the right course for you. If you do all the practice tests and exercises included, you can get any score you aim for. But, keep in mind that it all depends on how serious you are about the test and how much time and effort you are willing to put in.

  • I have an elementary level of English. Is this course going to help me?

    Unfortunately, no. In order to be able to get the full benefit from this course, your English proficiency has to be at least at an intermediate level.

  • What is the language of instruction going to be? English or Arabic?

    Everything in this course is explained in English. No Arabic is spoken.

  • If I want to contact the instructor, can I do that?

    Yes. If there is any question that you need further explanation on, or if you feel like you need some sort of assistance, there will be weekly live office hours on Zoom, where the instructor can answer all your questions.

  • What if I do not like the course?

    This course comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Make sure you watch the preview videos before making the purchase to get a glimpse of the way we conduct our lessons.

  • How long will it take me to complete this course?

    It depends on how many hours you are planning on studying each day. The video content itself will take around 9 hours to complete. To get the maximum benefit from this course, we recommend re-watching the videos at least once to get everything to stick in your mind.

Am I going to get a certificate?

  • Certificate of Completion

    Upon finishing the course and achieving a completion rate of 100%, you will be awarded a completion certificate which can be used for a wide range of purposes.

  • How can I access my certificate?

    Upon completing the course, you will need to follow these steps to view your certificate:

    1. Sign in into your account
    2. Click on your name at the top right corner
    3. In the dropdown menu, click on My Account
    4. Click on Certificates
    5. Click View

    On this screen, you can view your certificate, copy the link so you can share your certificate, or download it as a PDF.

  • How long do I have access to this certificate for?

    The certificate will always be available to be viewed in your account on our website. You will not lose your access.

  • Can I share this certificate with my potential employer?

    Adding completion certificates to your CV definitely supports your application and helps you stand out from the crowd. We recommend adding your certificate URL to your CV and share it on your LinkedIn profile as well to showcase the courses you completed.

  • Can this certificate be verified by potential employers when used on a CV?

    Top Spot Academy urges students to include the certificate URL on their CV or job application so that employers can verify them on our website using the certificate ID.

  • What information will be included on the certificate?

    The certificate will include your full name, course title, completion date, a unique certificate ID which can be used to verify the certificate via our website.

  • Can I edit my name on the certificate?

    When creating an account on our website, we highly recommend using the correct spelling of your name as this is the way it would appear on the certificate. In case of any spelling mistakes, we can edit the name for you.

  • Does the certificate have an expiry date?

    Your certificate will only include the date upon which it was issued (course completion date). It will not have an expiry date.

Your Instructor

Professional IELTS Instructor

Easa Almezaini

3+ years of IELTS teaching experience in Sydney, Australia. Taught hundreds of students. Achieved an overall score of 8.5 in IELTS General Training and 8.0 in IELTS Academic.

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