Test includes

  • Listening (4 Parts)

  • Reading (4 Short Passages & 1 Long Passage)

  • Writing (2 Tasks)

  • Speaking (3 Parts)


Apply these instructions in order to copy exam conditions.

  • Sit at a quiet place and allocate around 3 hours to complete the entire test.

  • Take breaks for around 10 minutes between test components.

  • Allocate 10 minutes after listening to the recording to transfer your answers from the question booklet to the answer sheet.

  • Allocate 60 minutes for the reading part. (That time includes transferring your answers to the answer sheet.)

  • Allocate 60 minutes for the writing part.

  • Allocate around 15 minutes for the speaking part.


  • How can I know my listening and reading scores?

    To know what your listening and reading scores are, simply use the marking scheme provided at the end of the listening and reading exams.

  • How can I know my writing and speaking scores?

    It is recommended to find an IELTS instructor to assess your writing and speaking in order to be able to get an estimated score for these components. You can check out our writing correction and speaking assessment services.